Rest and Relaxation

I have found wilderness luminous places that provide a consistent experience of profound serenity and relaxation: this is the primary quality of these extraordinary sites. Some of these locations are large in geographical size, thus they are regional luminous places. Yosemite National Park, in the Valley, near the store and shops is one of my favorites: powerful serenity and peace!  Austin, Texas:  In this city I felt peaceful and very relaxed. Santa Maria Del Oro, the lake: This is another amazing site, located in the state of Nayarit, Mexico. Also, in many areas of India the quality of serenity and peace is very noticeable.

In my experience, the depth and degree of deep relaxation and peace attained during sleep (or meditation) is directly related to the environmental energies, within which we exist. Wilderness locations are less perturbed by electrical and electronic technologies, such as the radiant 60 hertz power line fields, cell phone and computer wifi signals, etc.. This is one reason that rest and relaxation are easy to find in most wilderness locations.

Our health might be directly related to our ability to attain a truly deep and satisfying degree of peace each night while we sleep. Yet the invisible energy fields that surround us and penetrate each cell may not allow real peace to occur, and instead leave us with insomnia or anxiety, irritability and depression. Taking drugs or alcohol are options, but not healthy ones. Meditation and relaxation techniques can help calm from within, but only to a limited degree. The best options are retreats into the wilderness, descending under ground, and going out on (or into) the ocean. Special rooms utilizing Faraday type shielding can be constructed to minimize the disturbing technological fields, however this would be expensive and not totally effective, yet much better than nothing.

(c) Paul C Adams 2017