Regeneration and Renewal

The calm and peaceful qualities of the wilderness recharge my batteries: after spending time in the wilderness I feel renewed, even reborn. My personal energies are brought back to a natural state, refreshing like a good night’s sleep. Luminous places are more profound and induce/resonate a far greater degrees of peace, and frequently with a large boost of personal energy. This charge of energy becomes very apparent when I return to the city, comparing how I feel, noting the shift to another state of being, characteristic of the city, and my personal energy discharges off me and into the city environment, feeling very elated as this occurs, and then fatigued with in a day or too…back to city normal.

How does this process work?  I have found that genuine rest is only found in real peace, and both regeneration and renewal occur from this blessed state of being. It is possible to follow the physics and bioenergetics of this process, and I find it fascinating to do so. We exist on many levels, and one of this is as electrical beings: our most basic powers are seen within each cell, that must maintain an electrical charge, just like a battery. Where electricity occurs, such as within each cell, you also have magnetic fields: the magnetic fields can interact with other fields (for better or worse) and influence the vitality, or health of each cell. Take a look at the YouTube presentation by Dr Jerry L Tennant: Voltage is Healing; also, you can read his book, with the same name, available from Amazon as an ebook.  His BioModulator is a technology that I am not familiar with, yet I suspect that this kind of device represents a new field of therapy, and it will evolve very rapidly, offering exciting and extraordinary healing potential.

(c) Paul C Adams  2017