Vitality: Power Up

Here are a few easy techniques to increase cellular energy and personal power:

Drink: high quality liquids. Most people are dehydrated.

Chew more: thoroughly and longer, until the food is liquid within your mouth. Most people that I have seen eat via gulping down food, and they hardly chew.

Walk farther and exercise more. Half of our circulatory system (lymphatic) only works with movement. Also, exercise actively transports nutrients and oxygen to cells.

Breathe deeper, more often. Most people breathe shallow and rarely fill the lungs.

Sleep better. Use a dark room (any light interferes with your inner production of melatonin), free the room of all electronics devices (or unplug them, or switch off at a multi-outlet with switch and circuit breaker).

Relax: conserve energy via being calm and peaceful, as much of the time as possible.

(c) Paul C Adams 2017