Huichol: My First Contact and Stories

I have written several articles about my years (1970’s) with don Jose and the Huichol Indians:  Shamanism in Mexico, an unpublished article located in the Archive – on my home page;  Don Jose: Apprenticeship With A Huichol Shaman, published in: Art of the Huichol Indians (Abrams, NY) your library might have this.  Prem Das: North America Huichol, published in Shamanic Voices (by Joan Halifax,PhD, Dutton, NY);  The Singing Earth: Looking at Shamanism, cover story and feature article published in Yoga Journal magazine Sept.- Oct 1983. You can down load past issues of Yoga Journal by joining Google Books (free).

My most recent publication is: A Guide to Luminous Places, available as an ebook and hard copy. The book is about developing environmental sensitivity, luminous places in the wilderness or power spots, perceptions of inner space, and extraordinary states of consciousness..

Paul C Adams (Prem Das)    2018      updated 4/15/18