The Range of Light

Myron Stolarhoff lived near Lone Pine and enjoyed frequent hikes and backpack trips into the Range of Light, named by John Muir.

Another fascinating person, Franklin Merrill Wolf, also a Stanford graduate, lived in the same area, and extensively explored inner states of consciousness without the use of psychedelic drugs. He wrote two books: Pathways Through to Space, and Consciousness without An Object. These books are classics in the field of consciousness research. Franklin, his wife, and community members hiked into the Range of Light, and they developed meditation sites in the mountains near their homes.

The Range of Light (YouTube), the Whitney Mountain Range, and the area above Lone Pine is extremely rich in atmospheric air ions (AAI), also called negative air ions (NAI), or what I prefer to call energetic air. This very high level of energetic air is due to the naturally occurring radioactive elements uranium, radium and radon – which are exposed by the mountains. Cosmic rays from outer space is an additional source of energetic air (via muons) , and it is a very significant at higher elevations; the weather in this region usually provides cool temperatures plus low humidity that extends the brief lifetime of energetic air.

Paul C Adams (c) 2018