My Experience with Energetic Air

The qualities I experience while breathing energetic air, as is found in most wilderness environments are: Lucid mind, serene, calm and energetic, satvic (pure), insightful, easy to breathe – especially via the nose, physically stronger, more animated and optimistic, dynamic rather than passive, healthy and higher vitality. What I find most note worthy is that these effects are constant while breathing energetic air; the energy gained is real, versus the opposite – such as the effect of a stimulant drug that wears off, and has side effects.

How does this process work? One possibility is that energetic air has acquired zero point energy, and this is transferred to the body via absorption in interfacial cellular water (specifically within structured – compact domains), of the lungs and nasal passages. Gerald Pollock, PhD has found that air ions have powerful effects on the size of the EZ (exclusion zone) of interfacial cellular water. This correlates with cellular power levels and vitality.

How does air acquire zero point energy? The galactic cosmic rays which strike air molecules are traveling at relativistic speeds and radio active alpha particles (from radon) strike air molecules are traveling 5 to 10% the speed of light. This acceleration might acquire some zero point energy, and the physics that suggests this possibility has been described by Harold Putoff, PhD. updated: 4-1-20

About pcadams

My name is Paul C Adams. I have been actively exploring Luminous-Places and Places of Power for the last 35 years. This has included living in the forest (backpacking) for three years, camping for ten years, and hiking more than 25,000 miles. Also, I have traveled around the world, studied yoga in India (aka Prem Das) and with shamans in Mexico, learning about Luminous Places: both inner and outer.
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