Amateur (Ham) Radio

Ham radio has played a very significant role in the creation of modern, solid state electronics, personal computers, the internet and cell phones. Many of the electronics pioneers got their start via Ham Radio, and for those of the General Class license group an extensive education in electronics and radio wave propagation. Following is a list of Hams who have helped me, and you, to computers, the internet, cell phones and much more.

Jack Kilby: Nobel prize for inventing the IC (integrated circuit). The IC is a foundation component of all modern solid state electronics.

Larry Lange: HP electronics engineer. He introduced Steve Jobs to electronics and Heathkits.

Steven Wozniak: created the first Apple computer; his father was a Ham too.

Nolan Bushnell: creator of the Atari and Pong; hired Steve Jobs, and introduced him to computer games and graphics.

Stewart Brand, Editor and Publisher of The Whole Earth Catalog, helped with the media and publicity for the Mother of All Demos, featuring Doug Englebart (SRI). Doug reveals an early prototype personal computer with graphical interface, mouse and LAN (local area network) to aprox. 1000 people.

Larry Roberts: ARPA and internet development.

David Boggs: created the Ethernet while at PARC.

John Scully: CEO of Apple.

Dave Packard: Co founder of Hewlett Packard.

William von Meister: Internet Innovator and Entreprenur.

Richard Ferguson (Ames), W6PEV. Introduced me to Ham Radio, and gave me the Novice Exam.

Hank Olson, Electronics Engineer (SRI), W6GXN. My tutor in electronics; he guided me constructing transmitters, receivers and multi-band antennas. Hank helped me with math and theory, to pass the General Class license ( I was 13 years old). Also, he helped me design and build electronic air ionizers.

Also, John Lilly, MD. was a Ham. He attempted dolphin communications (with computers). See his book, Programming and Meta-programming in the Human Biocomputer.

For information about Ham Radio: Ham

Solar data (space weather): SolarHam

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