Meditation and attention

I find that it is very useful to practice paying attention, concentrating the mind, and then it is easy to direct sustained focus of awareness on how I feel.  It is within the dimensions of feeling that an orchestra of natural “music and song” is perceived at many luminous-places, and this dances upon a calm “pool”  of consciousness.      

Various methods of calming the inner waves and turbulence, such as meditation and concentration of mind are useful  skills which can be gradually developed and employed to finding natural places of power and luminosity. I like to try different kinds of meditation, from following my breathing to listening to music, waves, crickets, bird songs, streams, rain or the wind.

Sustained periods of highly focused mental concentration (meditation)might be too much, and lead to powerful inner currents of energy and bliss(samadhi). These deep states of consciousness are so absorbing they lose contact with the environmental “music and song”.  Simple, gentle, and light meditation that concentrates the mind on immediate perceptions: this  is what I find most useful for discovering luminous places.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013

Amazing Places

Three new additions of amazing luminous-places are found as hyperlinks on my home page below “amazing places”.  Niagara Falls, apart from its beauty, is creating an atmosphere extremely rich – full of energetic air – that flows and blows for miles all around this exhilarating site.  The Potola, of Tibet, is built on a small hill, at very high elevation, and like Machu Picchu, has been a center of spiritual power and insight. Mount Fuji of Japan is a stratovolcano like Mount Shasta, and has been associated with spiritual experiences and UFO’s.

How many places of luminous power exist on our planet?  My guess is hundreds of thousands to millions. Many are small and can be easily be over looked. Also,most people might not recognize these sites, due to high levels of internal (personal) noise [see “Guide” home page], created by excessive exercise,  or the use of alcohol and caffeine; and then there is the continuous distraction of not paying attention, or lost in the labyrinth of thought processes.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013


A soft and quiet song fills our inner being both day and night, and helps us to be calm, relax, and even fall asleep. It is an inaudible song, secret, and a “lullaby” that has been with us since our conception, and the beginning of life on earth. The choir singing this song is created by 50 to 100 (worldwide) lightning strikes per second, resonating at 7.83htz, the “Schumann resonance”.

Relaxation, contemplation, meditation, drumming, air ions (energetic air), and time in the wilderness bring us into a much deeper rapport with this natural song. Our alpha wave rhythm, which is our own inner song of well-being and insight likes to sing along with this hidden and mysterious lightening chorus.

I believe that certain wilderness places of power and luminosity are focusing and enhancing our ability to relax (like falling asleep) and move into harmony with the deeply soothing – inaudible hum of mother natures song “the Schumann resonance frequency”.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013

Ghosts, Angels and UFO’s

How can we travel to the next nearest star and beyond? Are there hidden portals and dimensions close to us, that open and close? People from all cultures worldwide have witnessed ghosts, angels and UFO’s.  These manifestations are clearly associated with a very special kind of light, and might point us toward a mass free avenue for travel. The new break throughs will come from such unusual research persuits. Access to other dimensions and time travel might also result from a complete understanding of these phenomena.

Native Americans like the Huichol Indians have made pilgrimages to places of power to see visions and contact with ancient wise beings (kakauyari), who live in a parallel dimension, close to certain natural geologic monuments. The Huichol believe these beings (who were people gods) first arrived on our planet on beach of the Pacific Ocean, and then traveled overland to Central Mexico.

Are ghosts, angels and UFO’s associated with power spots, and luminous places? Is there a potential at some of these sites to experience preternatural light, and doorways inward or outward?  Are mystical experiences and revelations of insight on some mountain tops, deserts sites, or in a forest “loka” [sanskrit]  location the gift of hidden terrestrial currents?

The above are questions I will explore and ponder as we visit luminous places of different kinds.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013

Accuracy and credibility

All the information I present is, to the best of my ability, correct. There are no intended hidden meanings or interpretations. All materials in my website are meant to be interpreted in their common and obvious meaning. Any associations between pictures, or with numbers, letters, etc. is co-incidence. If you see hidden or secondary meanings: these are not intended, and are abstract artifacts.

I have done a lot of reading and research and share with you ideas, facts, speculations and theories. Ofcourse, it is always a good idea to verify data, from multiple sources, and I encourage everyone to do so.  I hope to inspire  research and theories about luminous-places and places of natural power.

Subjective experiences are the primary means I can convey information about these fascinating places, and I add personal speculation or theories about them as potentially useful data.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013

My Name

I have always been known as Paul (Adams), and during the 70’s and 80’s as Prem Das. So what should I be called by an old friend knows me as Prem Das? Either name is fine with me, and I respond to both.  I do practice yoga stretching exercises, as I have for the last 40 years; however, I do not consider myself a Hindu. Many people practice various kinds of yoga, and might be associated with a religion, or not. I think my name as Prem Das might have been confusing for some, for during that time I taught about Huichol Indian shamanism, and they called me “Prendas” (turn on, or under garment!).

In the Wikipedia biography it states I am a colleague of Timothy Leary: this is an error. He was my fathers age. I heard him speak once at the Santa Cruz Civic auditorium (about space migration, longevity and IQ enhancement).

I Have always loved my name Paul, and it reminds me of Saint Paul’s sudden enlightenment, to the point of blinding, out in the wilderness, on the road to Damascus.  Also, Apollo –  son of light comes to mind, as a related name from a still earlier era.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013


Lumens and luminosity

Visible light and its degree of brightness as perceived by the human eye is measured in units called lumens. When we go to buy light bulb, we find various kinds such as incandescent, CFL, halogen and LED, with the degree of brightness, as perceived, is indicated in lumens. The power (in watts) for each can be equal, yet the brilliance varies dramatically.


Luminous places (sites or locations ) each have an extraordinary quality, at various intensities, and it would be nice if something like lumens could quantify it.   It can – if the luminosity is in the visible part of the “spectrum”. and this is one of two basic categories we can define. The second, and invisible category is the other, and vastly larger dimension of photons (EMF) where we find radio waves, cell phone microwaves, warm infrared, ultraviolet, and even down to the “schumann resonance” – lightening generated frequency  of 7.83 hertz.[alpha – brain wave frequency].

The extent to which the invisible spectrum affects us is important to consider: I think wilderness places of power have a corresponding luminosity, as perceived by us, and the “song” is composed of a variety of natural energies, from rich combinations of air ions to parts of the invisible EMF spectrum, along with telluric and sometimes magnetic properties.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013

Redwood Groves

Butano State Park

        Butano State Park

I have always felt something special when close to redwood groves: a quiet and stillness, serenity and peace. These qualities vary in intensity, from mild to quite powerful. Some redwood groves have no apparent effect, and a select few are amazing, and entrancing.

Butano State Park (near Pescadero, CA) has campgrounds, one for vehicles and the other, just below, for outdoor camping. These are situated on a hillside that is home to a grove of redwood trees, and the whole area is permeated with a serenity of very high quality, even spiritual in nature. The mind becomes focused and clear, precise and acute; there is a gentleness and sweetness here.  Another small (on a hillside) grove is found by hiking up and through the outdoor campground on a trail that leads to “goathill trail”; it is about 75 meters from the campgrounds. The photo is this site, and GPS coördinates are:  N37-12-600    W122-19-620    accur. within 50ft; elevation 460ft.  The size of the site is several thousand square meters and thus the GPS accuracy is not too important, and meant to be a general reference to the location. The qualities here are the same as noted above.  It is found at the intersection of several trails, close to several charred redwoods that might be 500 years of age, and trees up to 200 ft tall.

Butano State Park is beautiful and enchanting, especially in the late spring and early summer. It has many hiking trails, from 1km to 30 or more (into Big Basin), including a remote backpack campground. The main campgrounds are closed in the winter, and might need reservations in the summer. There are some picnic tables and a small rangers station with info. A walk along the central paved road is delightful, thru a steep canyon with creek views of lush vegetation, moss-covered tress, and very tall redwoods.

There are many religious retreats in the Santa Cruz mountains, especially in the redwood forests and groves of Scotts Valley, Felton, and Ben Lomond – close to the San Lorenzo river. I suspect that many people have felt this magical quality of the redwoods, to enhance serenity and spiritual focus of mind.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013

Diet and extraordinary sensitivity

I believe the body can tunned up, like a fine musical instrument, and thus have a far greater ability to perceive subtle environmental energies. Food and diet are keys, and  many more possibilities exist to explore, such as:  fasting, limited diets, raw foods, sweet free, vegetarian and fruitarian, herb teas and nutritional broths, vitamin combinations, and structured waters.

It can be as simple as a one day diet, and as involved as a long fast or dietary pattern. It is possible to try options on a short-term basis, perceiving many fascinating qualities at luminous places of power, and then, if so desired, return to a regular diet and life style.

Paul Bragg, George Oshawa, Sensi Muromoto, Arnold Ehret, Jethro Kloss, and Gabriel Cousins have given us books on practical areas of dietary interest: They were masters who had explored the deeper potentials of fine tuning the body and mind. I think a lot can be learned and applied from these nutritional paths to the search for luminous places.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013

People Shine

When I return from time alone in the wilderness, back to the city and in the presence of people, I perceive an aura, an energy distinctly human.  This contrast is most extraordinary after returning from remote locations in Yosemite and Desolation Wilderness. This quality of “People Shine” (like sunshine) seems essentially nourishing and supportive. It feels familiar like  family. Backpackers are quick to notice this quality, as they spend days or weeks alone in the wilderness, and upon returning to towns or villages enjoy the shine, vibes,or contact… at least for a while.  The qualities of the People Shine can vary, from excited and highly animated as in a large crowd at a football game, to an intoxicating high at a weekend wine and crafts fair.

I believe that in a city, the aura fields of many people combine, and form a large “pool”. We are immersed  in this, and perceive it as a normal part of our deeper self. I think it supports our unconscious self, provides a sense of self, and even has a nourishing effect on our biology, to various degrees. Thus cities and communities of people are luminous-places, with distinct qualities and intensities.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013