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I am slowly rebuilding this website, and at times you will see this, including missing photos and error page alerts. The main problem has been with the presentation on “diagonal” or wide-screen monitors, I am utilizing cells and tables to stabilize the content, which has not been a problem with notebook computers, tablets and handheld mobile. Also, the navigation menu, found at the bottom of the screen (in the galleries) is visible in 1,2,12,13, and 24. It is not seen in the other galleries (yet), but can be found by clicking or pointing at the bottom of the screen.  Re-building the website will take some time.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013


Crashing waves generate vast quantities of energetic air (AAI = atmospheric air ions):  within and around the waves a power spot exists. I wonder if surfers are exhilarated by this?  The airborne aerosols of sea-foam would also be full of all the natural elements, found in seawater, and I suspect “ionized”, that is to say energized, and taken in with each breath.  Some studies indicate that elements such as gold and silver, as is found in seawater are beneficial nutrients, even in very small doses. These ionized and energetic aerosols are easily absorbed while breathing near the crashing waves.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013


Pure Air

The photo above is the beach at Natural Bridges State Park. This site is extraordinary for high levels of energetic air, that comes in from the ocean. A gentle breeze carries the air ions inland, and at this site, during fair weather I find it  very fine, high in quality, and invigorating. I pay very close attention to the air, and have found that of all the coastal areas, this site is supreme. Could it be that this is why the Monarch butterflies have chosen this site as their migratory destination?  Does it help them re-charge after flying hundreds, or even thousands of miles ?

I suspect that a variety of factors concentrate energetic air (small air ions of oxygen) to high levels throughout the parks groves and beach area, and this occurs most of the year. You can recognize this easily: it is easy to breathe through your nose, the nasal passages are wide open, and you feel good.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013

Happy New Year 2013

I am slowly updating the website, and attempting repairs.

There are new additions in the archive, stories related to inner luminosity (“enlightenment”) and outer: journies to India and Mexico.

I  use a  notebook computer to build this website, and it looked fine. However, when I saw it on a new wide screen computer the navigation menu seemed to be missing, Actually it is there, at the bottom of the screen,hiding under a retractable (by pointing near it) base. Also. the browser on these wide screens stretches images and data – if it can. in order to fill the screen; I found a way to correct this.

At Christmas I had a chance to see my website on an ipad, and a handheld mobile: it looked ok. 

I plan on visiting some interesting sites soon.        Happy New Year!

(c) Paul C Adams 2013

Website is up !

There are still various errors and corrections that need to be made, as you will see: It is a learning process, website developement to uploading and then making corrections after it is up.  Fun and interesting.  

I hope you enjoy my website, and please feel free to send me recommendations, ideas or criticisms via my email:      

The pictures load up slowly because they are in bitmap images, which you can enhance by magnification with less pixelating.

I will be visiting some special sites soon, and will have pictures on the blog, along with qualities of these local sites.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Update on website

I am still working on the website.  It is slow because I take only a few hours each day to work on this, due to battery limitations, and a part-time job.  Some of my photos, like the sunrise picture  had an artifact-error caused by my computers video card; It has created horizontal colored lines on some of the pictures: I am reviewing these and correcting this peculiar problem.

The weather in our area has been cold and rainy:  it looks like winter will be back to normal, with the drought years behind us. 

Seasons greetings and happy new year!

The first rains of winter are now energizing the air: clean, crisp and pure. It looks like a promising start for normal rainfall here in the Monterery Bay area.

I am still working on photo selections and design features for Luminous-Places website, and  hope to have it launched soon. 

November 8, 2012