Surfing and Air Ions

Energetic air (NAI) is found in high concentrations and in good ratios near the seashore.  Soft and gentle onshore winds, and near crashing waves (surfing!) provide some of the best lokas (locations) to experience high quality energetic air. My favorite seaside site is Natural Bridges State Beach, home to the wintering Monarch Butterfly.

Air contains approximately 27×10 to the 18th molecules per c/c.

Active NAI (negative air ions) equals (at the most)  one in 27 trillion molecules!

We breathe aprox. 10,000 liters of air per 24 hrs. Even so, How could this tiny electrical energy possibly create any effect within us?  It appears more potent than any drug, vitamin or nutrient. Possible explanations are beginning to appear and I will share these with you in future my future blogs.

Have a happy and joyful New Year!

Paul    aka   Prem Das

About pcadams

My name is Paul C Adams. I have been actively exploring Luminous-Places and Places of Power for the last 35 years. This has included living in the forest (backpacking) for three years, camping for ten years, and hiking more than 25,000 miles. Also, I have traveled around the world, studied yoga in India (aka Prem Das) and with shamans in Mexico, learning about Luminous Places: both inner and outer.
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