Dr. Albert Krueger

In 1978, I had recently returned from Mexico, where I Had been living with an extended family of Huichol Indians. The power spots and sacred sites I visited with the Huichol shamans corresponded with geographic locations that were noteworthy for fresh air and bright states of consciousness.

I telephoned Dr Krueger, who taught and worked at UCB, and spoke with him about the extraordinary qualities of air found in locations such as near waterfalls, the beach and high elevation deserts and mountains. He said that the common characteristic of all the different locations was the abundance of small air negative ions. He confirmed that many people do experience an enhanced awareness, easier breathing and a general sense of well being when breathing air rich in NAI (negative air ions).

About pcadams

My name is Paul C Adams. I have been actively exploring Luminous-Places and Places of Power for the last 35 years. This has included living in the forest (backpacking) for three years, camping for ten years, and hiking more than 25,000 miles. Also, I have traveled around the world, studied yoga in India (aka Prem Das) and with shamans in Mexico, learning about Luminous Places: both inner and outer.
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